Off to see Basement in Leeds, can not WAIT!

Anyone else off?

My favourite place on earth. Can’t wait to get home for this weekend 🏑

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Buttercry tees out now!
Worldwide shipping!

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Go follow estate πŸ‘

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Saturday teamπŸ’ž

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Go check out/pick up a shirt I helped do some dots for from @estatetdn πŸ‘

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Flowers in ma huur 🌸

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Luna cuddles πŸŒ™

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Finally got myself a beautiful @bloodymarymetal ring from the shop here in Cornwall 😻 thank you Lucy! (at Towan Beach)

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Kayaking πŸ‘²πŸ‘± (at St Mawes, Cornwall)

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New shirts coming in the next few weeks!

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Follow estate and see pictures of my boyfriends fantastic peach πŸ™Š

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Fancy dindins, don’t mind if I dodo 🍴

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Journey to Cornwall blocked by a pack of dogs 😍 best day

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