at Leeds University Union

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Took my boy to see the dinos πŸ‘« (at Pitt Rivers Museum)

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Turned 22 this week πŸŽ‚ and i’ll wear a primary school dress if I want to.

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Banye, an adorable 11-year-old British Shorthair who lives in Shanghai with his owner winnnie, Β looks perpetually surprised thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.

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🌡#cactus (at Chester Zoo)

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πŸ™Œ #balanceandcomposure (at Brudenell Social Club)

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UK/Europe shows begin this week.


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Behold, the apple of my eye 🍏

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Ended up having @mooseblooduk to stay last night, lovely bunch, thanks for the goodies ☺️ #mooseblood

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#mooseblood πŸ‘Œ (at Temple Of Boom Leeds)

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How lovely is it to have a girl, who doesn’t even let you stand without loving you. You feel it you know, when someone is addicted to you?

so cute i’m gonna cry

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#tbt freshers 3 years ago with @fayerayner

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